Toro brought this to the GIS; they want you to name it...

It looks like, well... you figure it out.

Sort of half-tractor, half-utility vehicle; Toro plans on selling this next year. It has a 60 hp engine, hydrostatic transmission, 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steer. Some guys did a double-take when they first saw it; I captured one of those here.











The back has a 3 point hitch & remote hydraulics. A ProCore 1298 was hooked up to it at the show; that's 2300 lbs. A programmable module lets you input data for each attachment used & store it in memory - engine rpm, pto rpm, spreed, hyd. lift etc. Preliminary pricepoint is suggested in the 60hp tractor range; but nothing's been finalized yet. I'm sure we'll see more features & stats rolled out throughout the year.










View of the right side











Here's the website to enter. If your name for the thing is picked it's an all expense paid trip to the official rollout next year.