What flavor Hovermower?

There are a variety of options available for someone looking to acquire a hovermower. Most of these were on the floor at the GIS...


Toro calls theirs a HoverPro. They have 3 models; a 16"(400), 18"(450) and 21"(550). The 400 comes powered by a Honda GXV 57 engine and uses nylon line for cutting. It weighs 27.5 lbs. The Hi-Rise kit is an accessory. The 450 is powered by a Honda GCV 160.  Cutting is by standard mower blade. Options are the Hi-Rise kit, transport wheels & handle extension. The 550 is powered by the GCV 160 & cuts with  a regular mower blade. Weight is almost 42 lbs. Options are transport wheels & handle extension. The extension kit for both the 450 & 550  comes with longer throttle & blade brake cables designed for 1 added extension. 













Jacobsen's HoverKing comes in 2 sizes; 16" & 20". The 16" is powered by a Honda GXV57  and weighs 26 lbs. The 20" has a Honda GCV 160 and weighs 36.5 lbs. Both have 3 cutting options - metal blades, metal-edge nylon blades, and nylon string. Wheel kit and handle extension available as accessories.











Blue Raspberry

Air Force has 2 models; a 15" and 19". The 15" is powered by a JN-60 2 cycle engine and weighs 22 lb. Cutting options are stainless steel or plastic blades. The 19" is powered by a Honda GVC 160 and weighs 39 lbs. Cutting is by stainless steel blades or nylon string. The 19" also has a handle extension kit as an option. You can get these at Precision Equip. out of Florida.












Greenman has a 19" model available with your choice of engine. Available with either a Briggs 550 EX engine or the Honda GVC 160. The Briggs model weighs in at 36 lbs. Cutting is by 3 stainless steel blades or regular mower blade. Options include wheels, lift kit and 18" handle extension. The Honda model weighs in at 43 lbs. and has both cutting options as the Briggs model; as well as the rest of the options.












Bluebird is available at a lot of lawn & garden places. The 16"(HM 160) model is powered by a Honda GXV 57 engine and weighs 26 lbs.  The 20" (HM200) has the Honda GVC 160 & weighs 36.5 lbs. Both have 3 cutting options - stainless steel blades, nylon blades and co-polymer string.